Most people believe that an accountant Orlando and CPA (certified public accountant) interchangeably, yet there is a big difference between both the terms.

Orlando Accountants – Role and responsibilities

As opposed to CPA’s, accountants in Orlando are not required to meet such rigorous requirements and exposed to less competitive business environment. To be an accountant Orlando, you require a degree in accounting from a college. However, an accountant’s scope of activity is limited to maintenance of general business accounts, preparation of business ledgers and invoices, bookkeeping Orlando and supervising minor issues in regard to inventory control and minor tax issues.

Some of the other duties of an accountant Orlando revolve around analyzing and reviewing expenditures and budgets for contracts, grants, public, private or charitable purposes. Preparation of various budgets while ensuring expenditure control and resolution of accounting discrepancies that might occur. An accountant Orlando is also responsible for recommending and developing financial data bases which usually includes management of necessary computer software systems and manual filing systems.

While both the field of CPA and accountant in Orlando are equally lucrative and distinctive, they both require common set of abilities and skills. For example, being in the finance field, it is mandatory that that you are apt for numbers and are quick with mathematical qualifications. Also, both the fields require analytical skills. Regardless of the career you choose. It is important that you know where you stand and where your interest lies. Therefore, before making any decision, research both the fields and talk to the practitioners of the respective field about their experience and opinion

The Certified Public Accountant Firm in Orlando

An Orlando Certified Public Accountant is a person who has met educational and experience requirements for the certifying state and is licensed to pursue a career in accounting Orlando. To get certified, a person usually needs to pass all the four parts of the Certified Public Accounting test.

An Orlando CPA firm usually provides tax and auditing service to corporations that have their shares publicly traded. Others provide financial consulting and accounting services Orlando as per the requirement of their client.

Orlando Tax Experts

In recent times, many auditing firms have narrowed down there competency to a single factor mainly in the field of public accounting, auditing, private accounting or tax. The duties of the Orlando CPA Firm while acting as a tax expert involves: filing tax returns, developing strategies to minimize taxable amount and legal tax ramifications for any new project.


Most of the Orlando CPA firms are comprised of auditors who have spent their time working on public and private auditing assignments. Publicly traded companies are required by law and Securities Exchange Commission to have their accounting records audited each year. These audits are conducted by a Certified Public Accountant and follow rules that are dictated by Generally Accepted Auditing Standards. The objective behind auditing is to verify the records and transactions of the company and determine for any possible perpetration of a fraud.

Orlando Accountants

The CPA firm Orlando consists of people progressing at various levels in their accounting career. A CPA firm usually employs staff accountant and seasoned accountants in Orlando that are experienced in almost all of the aspects of accounting. The most common factor is that prior to working with clients at a Orlando CPA firm most of the professionals have at least attained a bachelor’s degree in accounting and have either applied or are getting their certification. Accounting Orlando is a skill that is acquired over many years of experience and usually not learned in a matter of months.


A majority of CPA serve as a consulting capacity for business owners or for those who are looking to start a new business. In case you are starting new business, an Orlando accountant firm can help you with formulating a business plan and assist you in obtaining financing. You can also determine the feasibility and viability of your business idea with the help of the firm.

Operating a Business

Most of the CPAs are self-employed and are well aware with the dynamics of an entrepreneurial start up. Therefore, they are well aware of the responsibility that comes in an entrepreneurial activity and can keep accurate records, build a client base and hire office staff as necessary.

Financial Record Keeping

An accounting firm Orlando primary obligation is to provide their clients with unbiased financial record keeping. This assists clients in maintaining a comprehensive understanding of the financial performance of the firm and looking for business optimization. The financial data produced by record keeping can give an accountant Orlando a financial picture that can later be used to determine any new ideas, opportunities and business suggestions. When the company is not performing up to the mark, this data can be assessed to determine any flaws, inefficiencies and investment opportunities.

Orlando CPA – Role and Responsibilities

The job of a CPA in Orlando is considered to be one of the few jobs that is recession proof and is seen as one of the most prestigious and creditable jobs in the field of business and finance.

According to a recent survey conducted by the American Institute of CPAs, CPAs are looked upon as most trusted advisers and consultants for the business. However, this trust is not achieved easily, since most of the CPAs are molded into their profession through strict requirements and rigorous practice that is necessitated to stay in the profession. The CPA status comes with lifelong commitment, professional integrity, sound ethics and an unbeatable intelligence.

The Education and Experience Obligation for a CPA License can vary in various states. However, a majority of states require a minimum of 2 years or 3,200 hours of professional practice which includes a minimum of 800 hours for attest activity.

Educational requirements include a four-part CPA Examination in which a candidate is tested in areas of financial reporting and accounting, attestation, regulation, knowledge about business environment and concepts and auditing which requires a completion of 80 hours of professional education in every two years and a peer review that determines adherence to the code of ethics and professional integrity. Additionally, professionals are also required to stay abreast with the current political, legal and financial environment and changing regulations by the government.

Once certified, a CPA Orlando is legally authorized to perform the following functions in his capacity:

  • Consulting clients in the matter of personal financial planning and technology consulting.
  • Valuation of business.
  • Services such as auditing, tax filling and personal financing.
  • Accounting services in the areas of payroll management and booking keeping activities.
  • Preparation of financial reporting measures and implementation.
  • Asset Management.
  • Internal control measures and management of information system and various other activities in the area of business and financial management.

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