Taxpayers that need tax problems help services often consider IRS to be the bad guy in their life, making it more difficult by asking them for tax payments, bundles of documents and what not. If you are dealing with tax filing currently, here are certain facts about the IRS that you should definitely know. After learning these facts about IRS tax audit help Orlando, you can decide whether the IRS is really the bad guy or not:

Tax Problems Orlando Tip 1 – IRS Auditors Are Not Monsters

A common perception many people have about the IRS auditors is that they have the power to do much more than they actually have. People think IRS auditors have the authority to do all kinds of horrible things, such as reassessing taxes, charging interest and penalties, seizing assets and even sending people to jail. In reality, IRS auditors can do none of this.

The sole and simple task of IRS auditors is to go have a review of your filed tax returns in order to determine if all the filing has been done appropriately, and all the evidences supporting the income and deduction information are valid. After they are done with the review, they can only put forward suggestions regarding any addition, against which you have a complete right to file an appeal. You can also take IRS tax audit help Orlando from a professional.

Tax Problems Orlando Tip 2 – IRS Audits More Than Incorrect Filing

If your tax filing has been selected for an audit, there is no reason to believe that there was something wrong with your tax returns. Tax returns selected for audit, as you can learn from any source of IRS tax audit help Orlando, are usually determined on the basis of deviation found between the actual figures and some standard estimation.
A computer program, DIF (Discrimination Income Function) is used to calculate the amount of deviation in the deductions filed by an individual and the average deductions filed by individuals of similar statistics. The higher this deviation in deduction is in your tax returns, the higher will be the chances that your returns will be selected for an audit.

Tax Problems Orlando Tip 3 – Attorneys Are a Good Option

Many people believe that if they hire attorneys to handle their dealings with IRS problems, the IRS will hold a grudge against them and they will be worse off. People often think that if they handle the dealing themselves, IRS will take it positively and give them a fairer shake.

Both these considerations are false and can be very negative for you. If you don’t know your rights, it is much more preferable to have IRS tax audit help Orlando and hire an attorney to deal with the situation. That would not make the IRS officials treat you any differently, while you can save a lot of dollars in case you have to appeal after an audit.

Tax Problems Orlando Tip 4 – IRS Can Assess Your Taxes

A lot of people believe that if they don’t file their taxes at year-end, the IRS will have no way of assessment. The truth is quite contrary; the IRS has a complete record of copies of people’s income reports, which they use to check whether all applicable returns are filed or not.

If the IRS has your income record but they don’t receive your tax return filings, they can file a substitute for return and collect taxes on its basis. The amount filed in these substitutes are usually much higher than what would have been had you filed the taxes yourself. Getting IRS tax audit help Orlando can help you steer clear of these additional charges.

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