The IRS is a part of The United States Federal Government. On of their certifications is the CAA – Certifying Acceptance Agents (CAA) that help you in the ITIN number application process. This agency falls under the Department of the Treasury, and falls under the direction of the Commissioner of Internal Revenue. IRS is responsible for collection of taxes. Currently the IRS functions under four major divisions – large business and internal division, Small business/Self employed division, Wage and Investment division, and Tax Exempt & Government Entities.

IRS Certifying Acceptance Agents (CAA) – What does the IRS do?

IRS is mostly responsible for tax collections .The IRS publishes taxation forms, which taxpayers are required to use for their federal tax obligations. As IRS Certifying Acceptance Agents (CAAS), that are experts in ITIN Numbers, we know that the IRS catches people who are lacking from paying their taxes, or who are trying to cheat their way out of paying them. You can also say that the IRS is like a lender, and are interested in collecting what they can and when they can collect it. The IRS plays a role to help tax payers. They make sure everyone is paying their fair share.

IRS Certifying Acceptance Agent (CAA) Tip – Watch out for Frauds & Fake Identities

Our IRS Certifying Acceptance Agents (CAA) have done many ITIN Number applications, and know that the IRS has issued many warnings related to frauds, and theft of identities. The IRS name and logo has been used to gain individuals data and an attempt to steal their assets. To keep your personal information and assets safe make sure you know the following:

  • Do not reply to emails which contain false attachments sent by i.ds such as [email protected].
  • Do not reply to fake letters from scammers asking for your personal information.
  • Do not reveal and PINS, secret passwords, or any security based data.
  • Avoid links that take you on to bogus websites, the IRS only have one genuine website
  • Do not reply to questionnaires regarding personal information
  • Shred all personal data related documents before discarding

IRS Certifying Acceptance Agents (CAA), Enrolled Agents (EA) and Their Roles

When applying for an ITIN Number, IRS Certifying Acceptance Agents (CAA) and Enrolled agents are those agents who have privileges of representing taxpayers before the IRS. These agents have cleared their IRS examination, covering individual and business tax returns, or through experience as a former IRS employee.

Can I also be a Part of the IRS?

Yes, IRS allows you to take their examinations and qualify for an IRS career. If you are a pre-college student who is interested in a career, you can join their internship programs. If you are a student & have recently graduated you can also join programs such as; Students program, Information technology, law enforcement & investigations, etc. If you are in the middle of a career and are experienced, you can also consider programs such as featured mid-career positions, accounting budget & finance, etc. Seasonal & part-time programs are also offered by the IRS.

This pretty much sums up everything about the International Revenue Service and what you need to know about them. You can visit their official website for more details on their offered career programs.

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