An Individual Taxpayer Identification Number is a number issued by the IRS for tax processing purposes. An ITIN Number has nine-digits. It begins with 9 and has a range from 70-90, excluding 93 and 89, e.g. 9XX-80-XXXX. ITIN Numbers beyond this range starting with a 9 are registered to US corporation foreign employees. In simple words, it is the company’s identification number, and is issued to organizations and individuals who fulfill certain requirements. The IRS uses the social security numbers of the citizens who do not qualify for an ITIN number for tax purposes.

Who uses an ITIN Number and why?

ITIN Numbers are used by resident aliens, non-resident aliens, spouse of or a legal immigrant on temporary visa, or spouse of or a legal resident.

Resident aliens are those individuals who live in the US, and cannot have an SSN, but need to file for a tax return.

Non-residents are those individuals who do not get through the green card test, nor the substantial presence test. They are considered as non US citizens but are known as non-resident alien. If they want to invest or own a business, they will have to file taxes to gain their ITIN Number.

Benefits of an ITIN Number

ITIN Numbers have helped in the collection of taxes, increasing the number of taxpaying individuals. This is a benefit for the country as the tax you pay is used for the country’s development. This increases the quality of healthcare, providing a better opportunity at life for you and your family.

Benefits for the ITIN Number holder

ITIN Numbers are used only for tax purposes. This does not give them any such benefits, nor does it provide them with any legal status in the US. Though US citizens can benefit from ITIN Numbers, SSN, etc. ITIN Number holders can benefit after their status is legal within the US.

On the other hand, ITIN Number can be used as proof for work authorization, and proof of legal status in the US.

How can you apply for an ITIN Number?

If you require an ITIN Number, you must fill the W-7 application form and submit the application to the IRS.

You must also provide a number of 12 supporting documents, which will be accepted by the IRS to prove your identification and status along with your tax returns.

At the time this blog post is being written, the IRS requires applicants to submit a number of original documents with their applications. This requirement is also applicable to applicants using acceptance agents.

You can seek assistance from taxpaying assistant centers for further details about ITIN numbers.

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