It is very easy to apply for ITIN number. You just have to follow a couple of steps and then voila, you are done.

First Things First

First thing you have to do is check your eligibility. If you are not eligible for an SSN number, then you may apply for ITIN number. Those who already have an SSN are not in need of ITIN, those on the other hand who do not have the eligibility of an SSN, must apply for ITIN number.

Second Step

After you have confirmed your eligibility to apply for ITIN number, the next step is to find the form online. The form used to apply for ITIN number is the W-7 form. The original W-7 form may be found on the IRS website, or may be found through search engines online. Do beware as there are many websites which are actually scams used to leak your personal information and use it for their own personal gain. It is better to get the form from the official IRS website. After you have found the W-7 form, save it and print it. Be cautioned, W-7 forms cannot be submitted online.

Fill it up

After you have printed the W-7 form, start filling in the required information. Do remember, the W-7 form does not ask for personal information like your PIN. After you have filled the form, go through it once again just to make sure it is error free for you to apply for ITIN number. Once, when you have been satisfied, sign the form with your signature.


You need to attach some documents which can prove your identity. Get copies made of those documents. Those can include your passport, school records, Visa, medical records, or any document which can clarify your identity. When you have copies made, submit the copies with the W-7 form.

Sending the Documents

You may send the document further ahead by these steps;

  • Mail
  • Personal Delivery
  • TAC


You can mail your documents to the IRS. You may find their official headquarters’ location on their official website. If you do not trust your documents with the mail, you may send them by another method.

Personal Delivery

You can drop off the documents along with the W-7 form in person. You may find the IRS headquarters’ address on their official website. If this is also not feasible you can go for the third option.


It is better to visit a local TAC. When you apply for ITIN number, your W-7 form may have mistakes, the certifying acceptance agent who will be assisting you can help you with those problems. The CAA will also forward your W-7 application form and all documents to the IRS after authenticating them.

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