Come tax time, there are only so many things that you can do, one of them is getting duped by pranksters off your tax refunds. The tax season is that time of the year when stress and hectic decisions start to set in. You need to file your taxes before the due date expires and for that, you need all your documents in order. You think you have got your taxes covered? If you are not, hire tax services and you’ll have your taxes managed by professionals.

Forgot about the pranksters and thieves that dupe you into losing your money during tax time? During tax time these agents of mischief are in an overdrive looking to get you to give up your social security number that they can then use to claim your tax refunds.

While the IRS is making efforts to protect you, they can’t do it alone. You need to be proactive and take measures to ensure you stay protected from these frauds. Here are a few steps you can use to save yourself.

Your Mail Box

Any and all tax forms that you are required to fill in and file at the IRS office will be mailed to you. You should check your mailbox regularly for any such mail. In case you don’t receive it, contact the sender and ask for its status. If you think your forms have been stolen, notify it to the IRS immediately.

Be Careful with your Emails and Text Messages

The IRS does not; I repeat does not send emails or text messages. If you come across a mail or a text message that claims to be from the IRS, it is likely a fraud. When you come across such correspondences, refrain from replying to it or doing any action that it wants you to do.

Keep Your Social Security Number Under warps

There is a reason everyone has their own social security number assigned to them. Therefore, it is best kept hidden. You need to make sure that you protect it from everyone else. Store them away as well as your tax ID card numbers in a safe place. Don’t carry them with you when you go outside.

There are however, some situations when you’ll need to reveal your social security number. Situations such as licensing and credit application need you to share it with the authorized attendant.

Get Your Refund Deposited

As you file your taxes or send your tax return top the IRS, always double check with the authority if it has actually received it. How to get your refund is largely down to you. Instead of having to worry over stolen or lost refund checks, ask them to deposit the refund directly into you bank.

Remember tax filing is not as hard as it may look initially. Especially if you are able to get the right tax service to help you out in your problem.


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