More than half a country’s population is investing more than half of their life working office jobs. That is the course of life, right? You go to school, college, and then university, study for days on end, graduate, and then start the tedious task of looking for a job. You fill numerous job applications, send dozens of CVs, give a ridiculous amount of interviews, and then finally get selected for one job, which is only 20% what you ever wanted. You are set, right?

No. The annoying part has just begun.

Why you need to start a business in Kissimmee, Fl soon?

You join the new office and put in maximum effort. You are trained poorly but then expected to give your 100%. The tiniest of mistakes is thrown back at you with crude and insulting remarks from your boss or client.

You are made to do grueling work from 9 – 9 (9-5 is a myth now) out of which you derive no pleasure, then you go home too tired to do anything or talk to your loved ones.

Finally, you just lay down and fall asleep (if you are fortunate enough to not still be bombarded with work at late hours of the night), just to wake up the next morning to go through the same soul sucking routine again.

But if you are here reading this article you certainly do not see yourself continuing that routine your whole life. The best alternative is to start a busness in Kissimmee, Fl. You will be working hard here as well, maybe even more than that, but this will be worth since you will be working towards something that you immensely love.

If you have made the choice of starting a business in Kissimmee, Fl, then you’ve done taken the right decision, and here’s why:

In your office job you must have been required to sit at your desk for more than 8 hours, this is not only tiring but it also has devastating effects on your health. In short, sitting too much can be fatal since it is the contributor to obesity, cancer, heart disease, diabetes and muscular-skeletal disease.

Also, sitting on your desk in a slouching position for too long can lead to body ailments such as arthritis. When you have a business, you are far less likely to be threatened with such problems since you will continue on the move going from one supplier/investor/stakeholder to the other. You can stay out of the office as long as you wish to without anyone reprimanding you because it is your business, in Kissimmee, Fl, you can do whatever you wish.

The immediate deadlines you had to manage, for the fear of tough repercussions ,would make you sacrifice or lose sleep and appetite. This must have made you realize that there had been significant changes in your body and mental health because of this.

The doctors have forever emphasized the problems that the lack of sleep and poor eating habits can have on your body and mind, which you surely must have started to notice with careful reflection. With your own business in Kissimmee, Fl, you would choose when to set certain deadlines. Or you could even convince the client to somehow push up the deadlines a little.

You can take a proper hour-long break for lunch and breakfast, and then sleep on time. Some CEOs are known to sleep early and waking up really early which helps them become more productive. You don’t have to necessarily sacrifice sleep in order to work more.

Working for more than 10 hours a day can lead to heart attack, cause you to gain weight, and also change the levels of your hormones. With the sudden requirements that the client would need you to fulfill, and those that your boss imposes on you to manage, you’re bound to work more hours that had been promised to be taken of you when you signed the contract. When you own your own business in Kissimmee, Fl, you would let the client know that this was the limit that you work at and no more, it is all up to you to draw the line with your customers.

Some of you must have had bosses who would not even let you leave the office, even at late hours till you had completed the work and shown it to them. This might have resulted in a few of you developing some illnesses that may have forced you to take weeks off from work, all the while riddled with anxiety as to how the work is getting done or who might take your place in your absence. When you start a business in Kissimmee, Fl, you are the one who gets to choose what time you start and end work and there is no one there to stop you or tell you otherwise.

You do not get to choose who you work with or whom you work for. It is the business which you work for chooses your co-workers and your boss. And so, this means that you are forced to work with people who you don’t like for as long as you stay in that office. This would continue to go on into all of the offices that you switch to.

With your business in Kissimmee, Fl, you are the one who chooses your partners, investors, suppliers, and subordinates. Anyone whom you don’t like, you can disassociate with. This does not mean that you cut ties with all those who you work with but owning your own business in Kissimmee, Fl, allows you to remove the person who just becomes unbearable.

The list could go on, and perhaps you could make a list of your own. Making a list of all the pros and cons of working in the office is advisable, to do, if you are having cold feet about leaving your office and starting your own business in Kissimmee, Fl. Making this list will reaffirm your belief that you are not able to stay in the office job and that you need to move on to bigger things that will bring more satisfaction to your life. You can shape your business in Kissimmee, Fl, and the way you want.

You can open a business in Kissimmee, Fl, for something that you like and then work hard on it, but this would be the hard work that you will not question the worthiness of since this is you nurturing what you are passionate about, to something substantial.

Here are your first steps on how to start a business in Kissimmee, Fl:

Start by doing a full-fledged SWOT analysis on yourself. This will help you evaluate your strengths, weaknesses, what to capitalize on and what you should be careful of. Research on what skills should an entrepreneur have and what skills do you yourself have. This may seem trivial, but it is very important to have good decision making, problem-solving, and analysis skills, among many others. You can watch different documentaries on other entrepreneurs and absorb all advice they give you.

You need to ask yourself questions such as how important is money, how much do you wish to make a month, what is your passion, what do you wish to create, what is your area of expertise, how much time do you want to spend on the business in Kissimmee, Fl, and are you even ready to take on the responsibility of being an entrepreneur.


You have to know what the market currently has and what it is missing. Once you have decided what you want to sell it is important you search the market for how much will it pay for your product. If you are able to find a niche which no one has been able to penetrate, that’s even better! People love something new that can make their lives easier.

There is not only one way to do research. It is beneficial to do your secondary research (which is all the knowledge that you get from a source which holds information written by someone who has already done their primary research). Primary research is when you go out into the field and do your research via questionnaires, interviews, and focus groups.

This will also help you understand who your target audience has to be. This will be the group to whom your product will be directed to. According to this target group, you will formulate your advertisements, future products, packing, and selling locations.

Formulate your business plan

This is where you outline your idea, finances, target audience, goals, objectives, the number of staff you need, what are your modes of transport, what kind of raw materials you need etc. This will be a map that you can follow as your business in Kissimmee, Fl, proceeds. It does not mean that you have to follow the business plan for 10 years to come; this is just to get you started.

Get your finances in order

This is the tough part, you will have to analyze how much you have saved as capital, and how much more do you really need. As you are opening a business in Kissimmee, Fl, which is a giant venture in itself, chances are that you are certainly going need some extra cash. This could be in the shape of small business loans, business grants, angel investors, loans from family and friends, etc.

The business structures

There different types of business structures that you can choose from such as:

Sole ownership: this is when only you will be the one who owns the business in Kissimmee, Fl, you will make the decisions, and you will make the rules, however, this also means that you will be the only one investing the money which will mean you will be resorting borrowing some cash.

Partnership: in this structure of business in Kissimmee, Fl,you and one or more people will be the ones owning the business and the same thing that the sole owner does.

Corporation: this is where your business in Kissimmee, Fl, and your personal assets are two different entities. It can either be a private limited company or a public limited company. In the private limited company, you do not sell shares to the public (it means that they can only be sold to someone in your family) but with the public limited company, you sell your shares at the stock exchange which anyone in the public can buy if they meet your financial criteria. You will pay these investors via dividends. When someone says that they have shares in your company, it does not necessarily mean that they make decisions in your country; it just means that they are a sleeping partner. However, with these companies, your shareholders cannot sell your personal assets, if ever you run into bankruptcy and cannot return their money. The rule for tax on profit is also a bit different.

Pick out your business name and register

Once you are done with drawing up your perfect business plan decide on what name you will be using for your business. When you come up with a name do a thorough research whether anybody else has the same name as you do. When you have done that your quest to prove the authenticity of your business name is not over yet, you will have to register your name with the government. Find out which government body is responsible for registering business names. The importance of doing this is that once you fill in the request to register your business name the records of the country are searched to see if there is a business of the same name.

Register your business

This is the practical initiation of your business. For different types of business structures in Kissimmee, Fl, you will have to use different modes to register. For example, the corporation will be a little bit complicated to set up since several people will have a say in what goes in the company and how. This will have to happen within 56 days of you being notified of your business’ name authentication.

Get your license

Depending on the type of your business in Kissimmee, Fl, and the location it is set in you will be required to have one or more licenses that permit you to practice your work where you are situated. This would also include land permit, sales tax license, etc.

There are also other intricate details if you wish to kickstart your business in Kissimmee, Fl, that you will have to consider.The most important thing you need to do first and foremost is to make sure that you are protected from all sides. Once that is done you may proceed safely.

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