If you are a non-US citizen living outside the US, you can obtain the ITIN number in almost the same way as those living in the country. The Internal Revenue Service has various overseas offices which allow people to apply for and obtain ITIN number from abroad.

When you are applying for an ITIN number from abroad, there are a few things you need to know. This would help you in acquiring an ITIN number relatively easily and with as little problems as possible. Some important things to know about the process are discussed below:

  • The Internal Revenue Service has offices in Paris, Beijing, Frankfurt and London which provide guidance and instructions for those who are willing to apply for an ITIN number. Besides these offices, there are several accounting firms which act as Authorized Acceptance Agents. These Acceptance Agents are authorized by the Internal Revenue Service for accepting and verifying applications for ITIN number on its behalf and then forwarding them to the IRS.
  • The Internal Revenue Service also requires you to submit a W-7 form when you are applying for an ITIN number from abroad. Typically, this form should be accompanied by original documents which confirm the applicant’s identity and foreign status. If the applicant provides a passport, no other documentation is needed as the passport can act as verification for both, the foreign status and his/her identity. In other cases, originals of at least two documents should be mailed to the Internal Revenue Service, with at least one containing the applicant’s photograph.
  • A benefit in this regard is offered to applicants residing in countries which are signatories to The Hague Convention. According to a provision in the convention, an individual residing in one of the signatory countries who needs to submit certain documents to officials in another signatory country can get them certified, not necessarily by the government officials of the other country, but by certain competent authorities in his or her country. This idea behind this provision is to streamline and standardize legal processes among the signatory countries as much as possible.
  • These competent authorities are required to complete a form called Apostille. This sealed document is then attached along with the copies of other documents required for the ITIN number application by a foreign applicant. This eliminates the need to send original documents to officials in the other country. Rather, only the copies of the documents with the sealed Apostille would suffice for applying for an ITIN number from abroad.
  • Once the office of Internal Revenue service receives the documents, original or copies along with Apostille, the processing would take at least 6 to 8 weeks. If the foreign applicant does not receive his or her ITIN number or any sort of correspondence from the IRS within this time, s/he can contact the office of Internal Revenue Service to confirm the status of the application.

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