Appling and receiving an ITIN tax number is really very easy. You just have to fill the W-7 form, send it along with the appropriate documents to the IRS.

ITIN Tax Number Application Procedure

The first thing you have to do is find the W-7 form from the internet. You can easily find it online. Just visit the IRS website and download it from there.

Once that has been completed, save the form and then download it. Get a print out, it is better to make an extra copy just in case. Once printed, start filling the ITIN tax number W-7 form with the information it requires. Remember that the W-7 form does not ask for personal information, it will only ask you your general information regarding the form only. When you have filled the ITIN tax number form, go over it to make sure you have got everything covered pretty well.

Make copies of the documents you will be sending along with the W-7 form. Do not submit any original documents; you can always make more copies. The documents required along with the ITIN tax number form will be proof of identification documents which include you dental records, medical records, your passport, your visa, or any foreign country document which can be used as proof of identity. Once you have compiled all of your documents send them along with the W-7 form so that you may get ITIN tax number.

You can send all documents through mail. The official IRS website has their complete address, if you prefer dropping it off personally due to security measures. If that is also not an option for you, you may visit a TAC, the official IRS website has all listings of TAC, and you can find the one nearest to you.

You may also visit the TAC if you require any assistance regarding the ITIN tax number form, or if you have any queries regarding the ITIN tax number procedure. The TAC has certifying acceptance agents who will be at your assistance. They will go through all documents and verify them there and then on the spot. Once everything is clear, and the CAA shows a green light, the CAA will forward the W-7 form along all verified documents to the IRS.

The entire process afterwards to get ITIN tax number can take a minimum of 6 weeks. During this process if any problem occurs, the IRS will contact the CAA, you will help you through the areas of where the errors are occurring.

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