If you are not a US national and do not qualify for a Social Security Number, then you would need an Individual Tax Identification Number (ITIN tax number). The Internal Revenue Service of the United States issues ITIN tax number to non-SSN holders to help them in meeting their legal obligations of filing tax returns. Although ITIN tax number is an extremely important tool, particularly for foreign nationals who earn in the US, obtaining it can be a lot of hassle because of the technicalities involved in the usually long process.

Many ITIN holders complain of the problems they have to face when applying for an ITIN tax number. It is all too common to hear things like the Internal Revenue Service is over-scrupulous, or that it does not provide even half as much information as applicants require for their applications. This causes the application process to become an unnecessary drag, and does not seem to help much with obtaining the ITIN tax number.

To relieve our ITIN tax number applicants from some of the headache that this process can bring, we have compiled an easy three-step guide that can help you obtain your ITIN tax number with as little trouble as you would like.

Let us take a look:

Step 1: File a duly filled W-7 Form along with a tax return

The W-7 Form is an Internal Revenue Service Application form for Individual Tax Identification Number. Any application for an ITIN tax number is incomplete without this. The IRS requires the applicant to duly fill this form. The instructions to fill the form are easily available on the internet and on the Internal Revenue Service website.

The W-7 Form needs to be submitted along with a tax return. Both documents are essential for the application submission and neither should be omitted.

Step 2: Submit the documents required by the Internal Revenue Service

The IRS requires those applying for an ITI Number to submit a set of 13 documents along with their W-7 form and tax return. The IRS requires this set of documents as proof of identity of the individual applying for ITIN tax number. The documents that need to be submitted include:

  • Passport
  • National Identification Card
  • US Driver’s License
  • Foreign Driver’s License
  • Birth Certificate
  • Military Identification Card
  • Visa
  • Foreign Voter’s Registration Card
  • US Citizenship and Immigration Services Photo Identification
  • Medical Records
  • School Records

Step 3: Use a Certified Acceptance Agents

Yes. Using a Certified Acceptance Agents is as important as the rest of the steps mentioned above. The IRS prompts individuals to seek help and consultation from Certified Acceptance Agents. The benefit these agents offer is allowing applicants to send them their documents rather than sending the originals to the IRS. Yes, sending and then waiting to receive your originals back can be a little time consuming.

Following these simple three steps can save you a lot of trouble and can make obtaining your ITIN tax number as easy as it was never before.

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