FTAX Blog Most of us think about tax season when we hear the word CPA in Kissimmee. But accountants can provide a lot of other services to you as well. A good accountant can play the role of financial partner for your company for a lifetime. Generally there are four basic areas in the accounting practice:

  • Advisory Services for the Business
  • Record-keeping
  • Tax services
  • Auditing

These four areas often coincide with each other. For example, if an accountant makes financial statements for you to apply for a loan, they might advise you to recalculate certain estimates for getting a more favorable review. Here, your accountant switches the roles between the positions of auditor to financial advisor for your service.

The best way of finding a good CPA in Kissimmee is through referrals. Seek advice from your attorney, business colleagues or your banker. Their referral will help you find the accountant suited to your requirements.

Gather an idea of what services you need from the CPA in Kissimmee. Decide what amount of fees you are prepared to pay. According to that amount, decide how much responsibility can you delegate to the accountant.

Once you know your expectations and completed your documentation, you should interview the referrals you have obtained. You should shortlist the referrals down to a reasonable number. You can go for five candidates. Conduct two interviews for ever candidate before making final decision. One interview should be at your office and other should be at theirs. This way both parties would get a knowhow of each other’s work environment.

Once you have compiled your documentation and given some thought to your expectations, you’re ready to interview your referrals. Five candidates is a good number to start with. For each candidate, plan on two meetings before making your decision. One of these meetings should be at your site; one should be at theirs. Both parties need to know the environment the other works in.

During your interview with the accountant try to find out about the following aspects:

Specialization – Look at the services that they offer. See if they have an experience of situations similar to you. If your needs are specific, make sure that the CPA Kissimmee also have had that kind of experience.

Customer service – Check if they are a good service provider. Make sure that they give prompt response to your calls and emails. You also might prefer someone who can communicate in simpler language rather than heavy financial jargons.

Fees – Find out when and how much will the accountant charge you.

Registration – If you are hiring the accountant for tax services, make sure that they have licensed with Florida Board of Accountancy.

Qualification -Check their qualifications and associations. If they have received any special certifications, you can expect high level of service from them.

If you are satisfied with all the answers of the candidate and you feel comfortable working with them, you should hire them. Finding a good CPA in Kissimmee is easy, you just need to know the right qualities to look for in your potential candidates.

If you need more information about our Kissimmee accounting and tax services, please contact us at 407-502-2400.  Freedomtax Accounting’s staff has been providing honest accounting services and tax services for 15 years.  Our Orlando accounting and tax firm has its main offices in Kissimmee, FL.  Our services are provided nationwide, but mainly in the Central Florida market to areas like Orlando, South Orlando, Kissimmee, St. Cloud, Poinciana, Clermont, Davenport, and Hunters Creek, FL.  Our tax accountants and IRS enrolled agents (irs ea) specialize in corporate accounting and bookkeeping, tax services, tax preparation, back taxes help, tax debt relief, tax resolution, tax planning, itin numbers, incorporations, and non profit 501c3 tax exempt status applications.  (Freedomtax’s accounting and tax professionals are not CPA’s.  CPA services provided by third party provider)

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