IRS certifying acceptance agent is an agent who has the authority to assist alien individuals and/or foreign personnel in obtaining an ITIN number. The IRS certifying acceptance agent is not an agent of the IRS and does not have the authority to call him/her self an agent of the IRS.

What is the Role of an IRS Certifying Acceptance Agent:

The IRS certifying acceptance agent submits a W-7 form to the IRS on behalf of the individual who has applied for it. When a CAA sends the form to the IRS, this means the form has been reviewed and accepted, it also has the correct documents needed, such as the applicant’s identification verification and the applicant’s alien status. The certifying acceptance agent must make sure all documents are accurate, authentic, and complete.

How does the IRS Certifying Acceptance Agent Communicate with the IRS?

The ITIN number form is completed after the applicant has applied their signature. After the signature has been implemented on the W-7 Form, the certifying acceptance agent then communicates with the IRS. The IRS communication with the CAA is limited to the applicant’s application form only.

How to apply for the Position of an IRS Certifying Acceptance Agent?

If an individual wishes to apply for the position of a certifying acceptance agent he must follow the following steps:

  • Written Application: The applicant applying for the position of a certifying acceptance agent is under the agreement of the IRS. The agent agrees to verify documents which are authentic. The documents include the ITIN number form of the applicant, the applicant’s identity proof, alien status. The agent must maintain and provide all information, which can be requested by the IRS any moment.
  • Pre-application Conference: After the CAA has submitted a formal application, the person interested in this position, can have a telephonic conversation with the IRS if that person is willing. Another option is a one on one conference with the IRS.
  • Agreement: A CAA is under agreements according to the terms set by the IRS. Terms include (i) Procedures for collecting, reviewing, and maintaining required documents for ITIN. (ii) Procedures for the IRS compliance checks & their Verifications.

Background check for the Position of an IRS Certifying Acceptance Agent:

Before the IRS appoints a certifying acceptance agent, they run a few background checks. Generally, the IRS checks if the applicant meets their requirements and reviews their tax filing history.

The applicant would also be subjected to the following:

  • A credit history check
  • An FBI background check

Though it may not seem like IRS acceptance certifying agents have a lot to do, they play a very critical role when an applicant applies for an ITIN number. Without their approval the applicant’s application will not be passed on to the IRS to authorize, and no ITIN number will be issued to the certain applicant.

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