When an individual decides to establish a business in the United States, a lot of questions pop up in their mind including how to apply for ITIN for an H4 visa. Indeed, the US is lucrative in terms of economy as well as financial market. But in order to either start employment or form a business, an individual has to obtain E2 visa to enter in the United States. This type of visa makes individuals and companies eligible to reside, develop and direct the company or the entire business.

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Once people get the E2 visa, the question that often comes in people’s mind is about dependents which is why they ask how to apply for ITIN for H4 visa. Dependents may include children and spouse of an individual. When business owners are for longer period of time, they want their families to live with them for which they require an H4 visa. In order to know the process of how to apply for ITIN for H4, keep reading.

What is an H4 Visa?

Prior to understanding the details about how to apply for ITIN for H4 visa, you must understand what an H4 visa is. H4 visas are for dependents on an independent citizen who is residing in the United States. Also, it is necessary for that individual citizen to have an HB – 1 visa otherwise, the H4 visa will not be granted to the dependents of the independent citizen. H4 visas are also issued by the United States Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS).

Moreover, the members who are eligible to obtain an H4 visa are the only the immediate family members such as children and spouse. In addition, those who are wondering about how to apply for ITIN for H4 visa, must not forget that the only the hci9ldren under 21 years of age are considered eligible to get H4 visa. If the child has been given the H4 visa at a younger age and they reach the age of 21 years during their residence in the United States, they are immediately required to go back to their home country. Also, they would have to obtain another visa.

What is an ITIN Number?

Often people ask what an ITIN number is before questioning how to apply for ITIN for H4 visa. If you will not know the basic concept of the ITIN number, you will not be able to understand how to apply for ITIN number for H4. The ITIN number is an Individual Taxpayer Identification Number. Also, it United States tax processing number that is granted to the US residents by the Internal Revenue Service (IRS). In addition, this number has nine digits and the first digits have almost similar numbers for the fourth and fifth digits. Usually, the fourth and fifth digit numbers are from 70 – 99 and not 89 and 83.

The residents of the US are given SSNs i.e. Social Security Numbers by the Social Security Authorities while the dependents of the United States are issued ITIN numbers for the filing tax returns by the IRS. Both of them have different purposes. The ones who are asking how to apply for ITIN for H4 visa must keep in mind that they need to submit complete W-7 form and must put in genuine information in the form. Otherwise, it will not be accepted and the IRS will issue them a temporary ITIN number which may have very short time period.

Moreover, The residents and non resident of the United States are required to fulfill the responsibilities of the federal tax return and payments under the Internal Revenue Code which is they must obtain an ITIN number. Not only this, the ITIN number is for the real estate as well. It is often used by the real estate brokers who need to facilitate mortgages for the people who are not authorized to do it. Also, they can pay off their taxes for rental income by showing the ITIN number. For those who are wondering about the application process of the ITIN number, the significance of ITIN may make their base stronger which leads our next section.

Significance of ITIN

The significance of ITIN cannot be ignored. It helps you in multiple ways though it is not like an SSN number but has several benefits too. The ITIN number granted to the children and spouse for the resident or the principal investor in the United States is of great importance. Let’s find out how it can be worthy for the people.

  • The dependents can open a bank account in the United States using the ITIN number.
  • The children and spouses can file tax returns very easily with the help of the ITIN number.
  • The individuals can claim to the dependents in the United States.
  • The people who have obtained the ITIN number can apply for the mortgage loans.
  • ITIN number is the solution for the personal identification number for filing federal tax returns.

Who is Eligible to Use ITIN Number?

If you are really concerned about how to apply for ITIN for H4 visa, you must first understand the usage of ITIN number and the ones who qualify for it. The Internal Revenue Service grants ITIN numbers to the ones who have a reporting tax filing requirement. Also, it is issues only to the ones who do not meet the criteria of the Social Security Number (SSN). No matter if the dependents are not the residents of the United States, but they may have to file tax return for the tax provisions of the tax treaty.

  • The individual and spouse of a non resident alien holding a visa
  • A dependent of a United States’ citizen or a principal investor
  • A US resident who must file tax returns depending upon the number of das
  • A non resident alien who is eligible to file tax returns

Who needs an ITIN Number?

If you are pondering how to apply for ITIN for H4 visa, then you probably know that you need the ITIN number. The Individual Taxpayer Identification Number is required by anyone who does not have a Social Security Number (SSN). One only becomes eligible for the SSN number when they find a job or are working in the United States of America. But people who live in the United States as dependent do require ITIN for filing tax returns. But do remember that ITIN holders do not enjoy the tax benefits.

Things You Need to Know about ITIN Number

The ITIN numbers are an important aspect for the dependents which is why every individual who wants to go in the United States and stay their beloved ones for their period of stay, they need to know a few things prior to understanding about how to apply for ITIN for H4 visa.

·      ITIN Numbers are Not SSN Numbers

As mentioned previously, Social Security Numbers are issued by the Social Security Administration. Also, they serve different purposes. All the ITIN numbers do not give you a way out that you pay your taxes. However, it just provides evidence that you are a part of the taxpaying society. In addition, it does not provide proof for your immigration status as well as if you are allowed to work locally or not.

SSN numbers are issued by the USCIS to the ones who are a permanent resident, citizen, or a temporary alien resident. Anyone who is willing to obtain the SSN number, they would require filing form SS – 5. They can use it to file their tax returns once they have obtained it. On the other hand, the ones who cannot get an SSN number they qualify for the ITIN number by the IRS.

The ones who are asking how to apply for ITIN for H4, they must keep in mind that they need to fill form W – 7 for the filing tax returns. The SSN numbers are considered valid identifications while ITIN numbers are not considered quite suitable.

·      Safety of Date with the IRS

The ones who are asking how to apply for ITIN for H4 visa may also concern about the safety of their data. When you give your information to the IRS in the form W – 7, they prohibit sharing your data with other agencies. Since nobody wants to disclose their immigration status to the police or other agencies, you can release it to the IRS without any difficulty and you will definitely not face any consequences. The IRS just demands you to file your taxes on time and as long as you are doing that, you will not face nay issues with the IRS.

·      Necessity of the ITIN Numbers in Different Cases

Other than dependents, there are some other situations also that force you to ask how to apply for ITIN for H4 visa. For instance, a group of people who are students or visiting teachers for their short period of stay will not be allowed to work locally. So if they are required to file tax returns, they can simply get an Individual Taxpayer Identification Number and show it whenever they the IRS asks for it.

Furthermore, ITIN numbers are obtained by the residents who do not have the SSN numbers. Also, people who required investing in properties of the United States of America will also need an ITIN number to file its tax returns for investing in the property. Since such people are not the citizens of the United States as a result, they also require an ITIN which is why they end up asking how to apply for ITIN for H4 visa.

·      ITINs have an Expiry Date

Keeping in mind about how to apply for ITIN for H4 visa, you must also remember that the ITIN numbers have an expiry date as well. Ever since the law has revised, the new ITINs are issued for at least 5 years instead of indefinite time period. Like all other things, ITIN numbers also get expired and do not serve the tax purposes any longer. If you are really concerned about how to apply for ITIN for H4 visa, you must not forget that you need to renew your ITIN number every time it gets expired. The individuals must make arrangement and preparations prior to its expiration date and must get it renewed before any claim by the IRS arises. This can help individuals in ensuring about their legitimate tax purposes with the help of numbers.

Here are Some Different Ways to Obtain ITIN Number

If you are asking how to apply for ITIN for H4 visa, you must remember that there are several ways in which you can obtain your ITIN number. But for that you will have to fill relevant forms and attach multiple documents with the forms. Once all the documentation is completed and you have mailed everything to the IRS, you will be able to get your ITIN within weeks by you must fulfill all the conditions and requirement for filing the form.

·      Getting ITIN Number via Mail

One of the ways to obtain ITIN number from the IRS is to apply via mail. Applying via mail is one of the easiest procedures, you just to need to fill the form properly. However, the form is a bit complicated but you must always ensure to take guidance from your local lawyer in filling out the form. All you need to do is to collect all the necessary documents, fill out the form and send them to the following mailing address.

Mailing Address

Internal Revenue Service

ITIN Operation

P.O. Box 149342

Austin, TX 78714-9342

Individuals who are using the private postal services such as DHL or FedEx instead of US postal services, they will have to send it to the following address.

Internal Revenue Service

ITIN Operation

Mail Stop 6090-AUSC

3651 S. Interregional, Hwy 35

Austin, TX 78741-0000

·      Getting ITIN Number in Person

There are people who are so concerned about ITIN numbers that they do not send it via mail, they do themselves to obtain their ITIN number in person, instead. For such people, the IRS runs many different Taxpayer Assistance Centers. The procedure for obtaining ITIN is almost similar. You need to fill the form and attach all the documents with it and send it to the Taxpayer Assistance Center near you. Also, you can call the IRS office for more assistance.

You can visit this link and see the nearest locations. The Taxpayer Assistance Centers also helps you in understanding the other details in case you are confused about any form or documentation. Also, you can ask them how to apply for ITIN for H4 visa, they will ensure to provide you with the accurate details about the procedure.

·      Getting ITIN Number through Acceptance Agent

Acceptance Agents are the ones who are responsible to check and review your documents and forms. Also, they can apply for your ITIN number on your behalf and ensure for a seamless application process. In order to obtain ITIN numbers with the help of Acceptance Agent, you can get yourself registered on this website and get your ITIN number for H4 visa.

Despite of the methods that you are using for the application of the ITIN for H4 visa, you just need to ensure that all your documentation is done perfectly if you want to find out how to apply for ITIN number for H4 visa.

How to Apply for ITIN for H4 Visa? Consider the Documentation First!

Prior to applying for an ITIN number for H4 visa, there are a set of requirements that everyone needs to understand. These documents are also the proof of identity as they are connected with the H1 independent residents. So if you are thinking to how to apply for ITIN for H4 visa, you must not forget the following document requirements as a pre-requisite.

  • You need to properly fill the entire W – 7 form to obtain ITIN number for H4 visa.
  • You also need to fill form W – 7 for the certificate of accuracy for the IRS Individual Taxpayer Identification Number.
  • Individual need to file US Federal Income Tax Return for the application process of the ITIN number for the H4 visa.
  • Passport is one the integral requirements to apply for the ITIN number because things may get tricky if you do not submit it.
  • US Driver’s license needs to given to the IRS.
  • State ID of the United States is also one of the major documentations depicting the name and various other important specifications.
  • You need to show your visa to obtain ITIN number.
  • US Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) photo identity has to be shown as a mark of identity.
  • You need to show your National Identification Documentation including name, date of birth, photo, expiration date, and complete address.
  • Medical records are also necessary to be shown when filing for ITIN numbers.
  • School documents for children under 21 are also important to be disclosed to the IRS. They are actually for children under or of 18 years of age.
  • Birth Certificate needs to be submitted as a mark of identification for the visa permit.
  • You need to show your foreign military identification number to apply for the ITIn number for the H4 visa.

Here is the Process of Applying for ITIN for H4 Visa

The ones who want to learn the core of how to apply for ITIN for H4 visa, they need to read this section carefully. Indeed dealing with the governmental tasks is a quite complicated and complex because it involves difficult legalities. If you want to know about how to apply for ITIN for H4 visa, here are steps that you must follow.

  1. You need to fill your federal and state return taxes using the service that specializes in facilitating individual.
  2. You must not bother about going for online filing and documentation, you can do it.
  3. After submitting the application, you must start preparing your documents for filing straight away. It is very important to keep a track of your records and always be ready with the necessary documents and requirements.
  4. You must mail your federal return forms to the IRS ITIN Operations along with the required documents.
  5. Mostly, the passport of the individuals is enough for the dependents.

Tips to Apply for ITIN for H4 Visa

When one ponders about how to apply for ITIN for H4 visa, they may also worry about the tips through which they can obtain their ITIN visa easily. So here are a few tips that everyone must keep in mind prior to applying for the ITIN for H4 visa.

  1. You must always ensure that you fill the right documents at the right time for your H4 visa. They should be free of errors for an easy procedure.
  2. When your H4 visa arrives, you must ensure to check your complete name and your spouse’s name along with your date of birth, and validity date.
  3. You must not forget to show the wedding photographs including major wedding rituals such as engagements pictures etc.
  4. The pictures of your weddings should not be vague, they should be very clear picture of the bride and groom so that they are easily identifiable.
  5. Your evidences should be very solid and enough to prove your marriage.
  6. You must make sure that your spouse has endorsed that last name in their passport after the marriage. If not, you must get it updated first otherwise the name will be forwarded and written in all other documents such as driver’s license and identification documents.
  7. Do not forget to check the passport and see if the name has been written correctly by the issuing authorities, usually common errors occur.
  8. The applicants of the H4 visa need to clearly state that their fist and last name to avoid any issues.

Apart from the complicated procedure of the ITIN number for H4 visa, now you must have understood the associated benefits and how to apply for ITIN for H4 visa. ITIN numbers is one of the most important things that all non residents must obtain if they are willing to reside in the United States. It is just like a necessity, like a passport. Having an ITIN number can be very beneficial. Now that you know how to apply for ITIN for H4 visa, we hope you can make an informed decision. Good Luck!

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