An ITIN number is an individual’s tax identification number. There are few places you can apply for an ITIN number online. If a certain individual does not own an SSN, then he/she can apply for an ITIN number. According to The United States law, an individual cannot have neither SSN nor an ITIN number at the same time. If the individual meets all requirements for an ITIN number online he/she can apply through the W-7 Form.

Applying for an ITIN Number Through the W-7 Form:

While you apply for an ITIN number through the W-7 form, you must consider the following:

  • You must provide your federal tax return (Current)
  • Complete the form with all required details
  • Do not apply for an ITIN number if you have an SSN
  • Original documents, or certified copies from the issuing agency will be accepted only
  • You can submit original documents if you do not have certified copies
  • Provide your true identity
  • At least one document must contain your photograph
  • Medical and school records may also be used

After you meet the given requirements you can apply for an ITIN number.

Where can I apply for an ITIN?

You can find the W-7 form online. After you have completed the form with the required information and documents, you can apply further in four ways:

  • By Mail
  • Private Delivery
  • In Person
  • Through an IRS Certifying Acceptance Agent (CAA)

You can use any of the four methods to send your application further.

If you decide by sending the form and document by mail you can find the address for IRS online.

If you prefer private delivery you can find the address for IRS online.

If you prefer to handle everything in person you may bring and submit all documents and the W-7 form to any IRS Taxpayer Assistance Center, or if you are outside of The United States, you can visit an IRS office in abroad. TACs are able to verify your passports and national identity immediately. Once, everything is confirmed, they will forward your W-7 form and documents ahead to Austin.

You may also apply through an IRS certifying acceptance agent. An CAA can help you fill the form and after all procedures are completed the AA will forward your W-7 form and documents ahead. The CAA will provide documents immediately which should be attached along with your W-7 form.

Can I Apply for an ITIN Online?

No, you can not apply for an ITIN online. You may get the W-7 form and the necessary information about the IRS, their address, their TCAs or AAs location, etc., but you are not allowed to submit the W-7 form along with your documents online.

Who can Use Their Signature on a W-7Form?

The W-7 form requires the ITIN number online applicant to use their signature. An adult, over the age of 18, is eligible to use his/her own signature to fill the form. On the under hand, if an individual is under 18, they are not eligible to use their signature. Instead, their parent or a court approved guardian can use theirs.

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