FTAX Blog The role of accountants in St. Cloud, FL and over the world has changed dramatically. It is not just about number crunching and tax returns anymore. Accountants play an integral role in the success of business in today’s risky environment. A person with basic accounting knowledge just won’t do as a business grows and becomes complex. New business owners should look out for the following when hiring an accountant in St. Cloud, FL:

Business Needs

The first thing to consider when hiring an accountant in St.Cloud, FL is to consider your business needs. Outline the duties roughly you will require from an accountant. Consider if you want them to only look after the books and file tax returns or give you financial advice. Some accountants have more all rounder knowledge than others, which helps in complex situations.  You need to determine whether your business will benefit from that or the basics would do.


Consider the license, practice and qualifications when hiring an accountant in St.Cloud, Fl. There are different certifications available for accountants, and these have differing duties and educational requirements.

Chartered Accountants are recognized globally and are eligible to deal with startup counseling and act as trustee for receivership, insolvency or bankruptcy.  Certified Management Accountants are well equipped with management and accounting skills; and Certified General Accountants can oversee internal accounting processes and read financial statements.

Business Acumen and Industry Expertise

Look out for an accountant in St.Cloud with a business sense. Ask them if they have owned a business or possess exposure of the same industry. It helps to have an accountant who possesses business insight to better deal with problems and give relevant and sound advice. Accountants are also specialized for different industries which gives them an edge to be aware of industry specific laws and situations.

Use Referrals

When hiring an accountant in St.Cloud, FL, use referrals. Seek advice from industry friends or relatives. Your industry trade association may be a good place to start your search. An accountant you will hire from a trusted source will be more obliged to work responsibly with you.


Be sure to consider the amount of time you want the accountant to be on the job. This depends on your business needs and will significantly impact the hiring decision. You can hire independent accountants who work with other clients as well, and are available when needed.  Accountants who are hired through a firm may have other responsibilities. Gauge their accessibility and man-power required for your business needs.


You need to determine the kind of risk tolerant accountant you need for your business. When looking for an accountant in St. Cloud, FL find someone who can be creative while working within the rules and not be too risky. You also don’t want someone who is too conservative. See if their risk tolerance somewhat matches what you may have in mind. Ask questions about how they treat deductions, and income to get an idea.

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