Home and business owners repeatedly ask themselves the question of whether hiring a professional CPA in South Orlando is much more beneficial compared to doing your own taxes with the help of accounting software available in the market.

While individuals can now choose from a wide selection of tax preparation software, that are improving by the year and making the task of doing taxes much more simple and easy, this hasn’t exactly put CPA in South Orlando and other tax preparers out of business.

The obvious reason for this is that, professional CPA in South Orlando possess a knowledge and experience that a piece of software however much developed simply cannot. However, in order to better understand the glaring differences between a tax preparation software, and a living, breathing tax preparer following are the advantages of both.

The Advantages of Using Tax Software

  1. Price: No doubt, tax preparation software will be much cheaper compared to hiring a CPA in South Orlando, or any other qualified tax professional for that matter. At the most, the software will cost you from $10 to $120, or even nothing at all from some websites. A professional CPA in South Orlando, from a reputable accounting firm in South Orlando will likely charge twice as much.
  2. Speed: Individuals who are better organized and have the necessary paperwork with them prefer much rather to do their own taxes with the tax software and finish in an hour, as compared to waiting for the CPA in South Orlando to process the documents and finish filing the forms, which can take a week or more.
  3. Simple and easy: Good tax preparation software is very easy to use, and asks fairly simple questions related to various financial and tax statements. There is absolutely no need for the individual to hire a professional CPA in South Orlando if they only have a few deductions, investments or sources of income to claim.
  4. Better Software: CPA in South Orlando and anywhere in the nation spend about $1,000 to $6,000 for far more sophisticated accounting and tax software compared to the products sold commercially. This software is more advanced, and has the ability to evaluate information provided much more quickly, while organizing forms and items in a correct and efficient manner.
  5. Human Touch: Just like a family doctor, a good CPA in South Orlando will know and understand your business or personal financial situation and provide helpful and invaluable advice for future goals and plans. The professional will also give suggestions on tax savings, and steps to take on saving for a child’s education. Software, no matter how advanced isn’t able to do that.
  6. Consultation Services: One of the jobs of a CPA in South Orlando as a trusted professional is to be available for the individual all year round. Important questions and queries related to tax, or other financial issues may arise that may need immediate attention.
  7. Handles Complicated Issues: The most important difference between the two is, when taxpayers are subjected with complex business and investment issues they knock at the door of a professional and experienced CPA in South Orlando.

The Benefits of Hiring a Professional Accountant

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