There is a difference in PTIN and ITIN number. For those who face confusion in this matter- here is a short guide to help you out.

PTIN Number is Not an ITIN Number

Starting January 2011, if an individual is not a paid tax preparer they must apply for a valid Preparer Tax Identification Number (PTIN). PTIN is no longer an optional choice; it has become mandatory. Also not that individuals with PTIN is not authorized by the IRS to certify ITIN number application documents like a CAA – Certifying Acceptance Agents

If an individual does not have a PTIN, they must apply for one through IRS’s new sign up system. Those who have an existing PTIN but attained it prior to 2010, they will also have to make a new PTIN, or they can renew their old one. The number will still remain the same; their name will be updated along with data into the new system. It is necessary to have a PTIN for compensation purposes and you should be prepared with one.

How to Apply for PTIN

It usually just takes around 15 minutes to apply online to gain or to renew a PTIN. If you do not wish to apply online due to certain security reasons, you can take a look at the IRS’s website and download the W-12 form and print it. After completing the form with all documents, you can mail it to the IRS or you can personally drop them at the IRS headquarters.

PTIN Requirements

Before you start the form make sure you check everything off from the following check-list:

  • Social Security Number (SSN Number)
  • Business information
  • Personal information
  • Current income tax return
  • Felony conviction explanations- if applied
  • Individual or business tax obligation explanations- if applied
  • Debit or credit card for PTIN fees
  • Supervisor’s PTIN- if applied
  • Professional certification information- preferably US based.

ITIN Number

ITIN number is needed for those US-based working individuals who cannot attain an SSN as they are not eligible. The ITIN identification number is ideally used for tax return purposes only. This ITIN number helps the IRS with staying updated with income-tax revenue. Only individuals ITIN number is eligible for tax returns.

ITIN Number Purpose

The primary and technically the only purpose of an ITIN number is to help an individual get their tax returns. Tax return is an amount the government owes an individual after the individual has paid the full amount of tax, and a bit more. The extra money paid in the form of tax can only be returned to that individual if he/she has an ITIN number. The ITIN number helps the IRS as a proof to identify the individuals who have paid their taxes.

ITIN Number Application Procedure

W-7 can be found online at the IRS’s official website. You can download the form, fill it, attach the required documents, and mail it or deliver it personally to the IRS HQ. If you need any sort of assistance with ITIN number application documentation, you can visit the local TAC.

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