As ITIN number experts we know that It is very easy to get confused and lost in the world of taxes. There is just so much to digest, right? Well, here is a simple guide, which can help clear your confusions about EIN and ITIN numbers.

Employer ID Numbers (EIN Number)

Many individuals confuse EIN number and ITIN number. EIN are numbers used for an employer’s identification. It is to identify business entities and it is also used for federal tax purposes. In simple words, businesses need EINs. This is also known as the Federal Employer Identification Number, which is actually the same thing. This is issued to co-operations, states, government agencies, limited liability companies, and to other numerous organizations. This is a unique code, which has a purpose of identification. However, unlike the SSN the EIN is not a secret code, which you need to keep limited to yourself. Using Freedomtax ITIN number service, we can get your EIN number as well as an ITIN number at the same time.

Applying for an EIN Number

There are four methods, which you can use to apply for an EIN. The following are the methods to apply for EIN:

  • Online
  • FAX
  • Mail
  • Telephone
  • Personal Delivery

You can visit the IRS website to apply online for an EIN. It does not consume a lot of time and if you think the internet is not safe then you can fax it to the IRS. If you think some information can end up in the wrong hands, you can mail it to the IRS or coordinate through a telephonic conversation, if you are still worried about the sensitivity of your information, you can personally visit the IRS headquarters.

Individual Taxpayer Identification Number (ITIN Number)

ITIN number is different on the other hand. This number is not used by an employer, ITIN number is used by individuals who pay taxes living in the U.S or abroad. These individuals are not issued SSN numbers because of their ineligibility.

The IRS uses an ITIN number to identify individuals who have been paying their taxes. In some cases, these individuals can claim tax returns from the government. To do so, they need this unique code to prove that they have been paying their taxes and abiding by the respective laws. This number has only one purpose and does not help in any other way. Its sole purpose is to keep track of those who require tax returns.

Applying for an ITIN Number

There is only one method to apply for an ITIN number, which is through the W-7 form. You may find this form on the official website of the IRS, or through other partner websites as well, but be careful, W-7 forms cannot be submitted online, so do not give any information if asked. W-7 forms do not require personal information and you should avoid giving it out if any website inquires. Keep an eye on the lookout for fraudulent websites. When you are sure about the legitimacy of the form, download it, print it, fill it out and mail it to the IRS.

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