FTAX Blog On average, 20% of restaurants fail within a year and get sold. This is because restaurants face tough competition and an accountant for restaurants in Orlando is integral to keeping them afloat. Any business like restaurants needs to make profit and manage their expenses. Consider the following things t o become a good accountant for restaurants in Orlando:

Manage Cash Flow

Like any other business, cash is the bottom line for restaurants also. Accountants for restaurants in Orlando need to be on their toes to know the sales for each day. Amount of money spent and sales need to be kept track of on daily basis through a log. Also, keep track of inventory held by restaurant. A restaurant cannot absolutely lag in maintaining proper inventory. Daily food usage and cost of inventory are two important aspects to track to avoid extra costs.

Accounting Cycle

It is important that an accountant for restaurants in Orlando follow an accounting cycle to document business transactions appropriately. The accounting cycle for a restaurant starts when a customer orders and buys a meal. The received payments are recorded as a transaction in an accounting journal. All these transactions are eventually recorded in a general ledger, which helps in proper maintenance. The general ledger is important as it is used to prepare financial reports to make projection of economic status of the business.


Inventory includes food and supplies which a restaurant uses on a daily business. As it has to operate and serve daily without a lag, an inventory lag is also out of the question. It is an extremely important component an accountant for restaurants in Orlando should monitor and improve where necessary. To maintain inventory, a rule of thumb is to count it weekly to avoid excess or less food storage.

Income Statement

Income statements are important for restaurants, like other businesses. Good accountants for restaurants in Orlando know how to record and interpret income statements. These show the profit and loss for a restaurant during a period. Recording expenses and earnings document an income statement. For restaurants to ensure they are not losing money, income statements should be prepared weekly.

Accounting Software

It depends really on the size of the business a restaurant is running. However, good accountants for restaurants in Orlando should be software savvy. Many restaurants use accounting softwares to document financial information. These softwares help maintain records and help in analyzing and making financial projections for the restaurant.

Maintain Records

If a restaurant is not using any kind of software to manage cash flows and maintain statements, a good accountant for restaurants in Orlando should be able to do this. The accounting strategies and rules followed also make a big difference to a restaurant’s profits. Outgoing expenses should be recorded through receipts and invoices. Income of a restaurant includes all kinds of sales received. Maintaining proper records help restaurants stay in control of their finances.

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