An ITIN Number, also known as the Individual Taxpayer Identification Number, is given to individuals who need to file their federal income tax returns, yet do not have a social security number. The IRS or the Internal Revenue Service gives the number to them. However, the number cannot be used for any purpose other than filing your income tax returns. This means that it is not a personal identification number and will not let individuals work within the United States or receive the benefits derived from a social security number.

An individual can only obtain an ITIN number in case they do not have a United States social security number.

Why Should I Get an ITIN Number?

You should get ITIN number if you are involved in some sort of financial transactions that require you to offer information to the IRS or pay federal income taxes, but you are not a citizen of the country. Here are some of the instances where you might be required to get your ITIN number:

  • If you are a non resident who is required to file income tax returns
  • If you want a tax exemption but are not a resident of the county
  • If you are a dependent or spouse of someone who is a resident of the United States

How To Get ITIN Number?

Getting an ITIN number is not a difficult process but requires up to date information and certain documentation as proof of your foreign status or identity. The entire application process consists of three parts:

  1. An application form that must be filled out, signed and dated
  2. Attachment of relevant documents that prove your identity or foreign status which must be in accordance with the rules stated by the IRS
  3. Attachment of all the supporting documentation that is required by the IRS

In case you are facing any difficulties with your application process, or are not aware of how to go about it, then you can always seek help with a certified acceptance agent. These acceptance agents are official entities that are specifically there to help you with obtaining your ITIN number without any hassle or difficulty. They do this by making sure all your information is accurate and you have all your documentation attached with your application form. In case something is missing, they will let you know.

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