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In this video we share 5 services that are providing FREE SBA EIDL loan application help to small business owners. These SBA EIDL Loan Assistance providers are helping business owners and self employed to get their EIDL Loan approved or help them in their SBA EIDL Loan increase application.

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For many small business owners, the process of applying for the EIDL loan, or the process of requesting an EIDL loan increase has been difficult. But did you know there are five places that you could seek help with your SBA EIDL loan application for free? That’s what we’re going to talk about in this video.

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Now, many small business owners want to apply for the SBA EIDL loan or want to apply for the increase and the process has been difficult. And for many, that process can be a little bit tedious, but there is free help available.

Now many people call our office to see if we are providing this as a service. And at this time, Freedom Tax Accounting is only providing this service to our monthly accounting services. But there is free help available that even though you are not or your business is not an accounting client of Freedom Tax, you can still seek free help with these five places that I’m going to show you right now.

The first one actually is the SBA itself. The SBA does have local offices all around the US. So, check Google if the SBA has a district office near your business, and they are offering loan help at no cost.

The second one is the SBDC. The Small Business Development Centers. These Small Business Development Centers, they also have many offices around the US. And they are also providing free help in getting your EIDL loan application done.

Now the third one is an organization called Score. Score is a nonprofit that helps small businesses grow. Out of all the options, I would say this is my favorite. We have worked with Score in the past, and their advisors are top notch, okay. And Score also has a lot of offices around the US. So, check in Google to see if Score has a local office near your business. And they are also offering free help with your ideal loan application.

Now, if you are a female, the WBDC, the Women’s Business Development Centers, are also providing free assistance on the EIDL loan application if your business is owned by a female. Okay, so once again, you can check Google to see if in your area there is a WBDC office.

And the last one is the Veteran Business Outreach Center. Now this is an organization that helps more businesses that are owned by veterans. And once again, you can check in Google to see if in your area there is a VBOC office near you. And they are also providing free assistance in your EIDL loan application or to get your increase approved. Okay.

Now, thank you for watching this video. Remember that we are a full-service accounting firm. Even though we are only providing EIDL loan assistance to our monthly accounting clients. We do offer corporate tax services, personal tax services, if you need to open up an LLC. If you have tax problems. If you need payroll services. We are a full-service tax and accounting firm. This is our contact information and our website. Remember that we are part of the Freedom Group. We are a group of four companies where we do tax accounting, immigration, real estate, insurance and financial planning. So, we can help you in many ways.

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