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Certificado De LLC Eidl De La SBA – LLC Certificate for SBA EIDL Loan – Model Included


If you are a small business owner who received approval for an EIDL Covid-19 loan from the SBA, you may have received or received an email from an SBA agent requesting that you submit an LLC certificate. The SBA agent’s email might read something like this:

«In accordance with your Loan Agreement and Authorization, provide the following documents:

Provide a certificate that includes:

  1. A statement that the LLC held a meeting.
  2. A statement that the LLC authorizes acceptance of the SBA loan and specifies the loan amount.
  3. A statement designating a person or persons by name and title authorized to sign the SBA loan closing documents
  4. The statement must be dated and signed by at least one member / manager / managing member of the LLC. «


If you received this email from an SBA agent, don’t panic as the LLC Certificate is a very simple document that you can do yourself and you will not need to hire an attorney to do this document. We have even included a downloadable template for you below.


What is an LLC certificate?

To keep things simple, an LLC Certificate is a document signed by all members of a Limited Liability Company, or LLC, to show that they have officially met to discuss and reach an agreement on any matter related to their LLC.

Why is the SBA requesting this LLC Certificate from all businesses that received an EIDL Covid-19 loan from the SBA?

Todas las empresas que solicitaron un préstamo EIDL Covid-19 de la SBA tenían que solicitar el préstamo EIDL a través del sitio web de la SBA. Luego, uno de los dueños de negocios tuvo que crear una cuenta del portal en línea de la SBA para verificar el estado de su solicitud de préstamo EIDL y, lo más importante, firmar electrónicamente los documentos aprobados del acuerdo de préstamo para poder depositar los fondos en su cuenta bancaria comercial.

Si su LLC tiene más de un miembro o propietario, es posible que haya notado que el Contrato y Acuerdo de Préstamo EIDL de Covid-19 solo tuvo que ser firmado por un miembro de la LLC para que se apruebe su préstamo. La SBA quiere pruebas de que todos los miembros de la Compañía de Responsabilidad Limitada estuvieron de acuerdo en aceptar el Préstamo EIDL Covid-19 de la SBA, y es por eso que están solicitando a todas las LLC que envíen un Certificado de LLC que demuestre que todos los miembros de la entidad en LLC estuvieron de acuerdo en aceptar un préstamo EIDL de la SBA a su LLC.

Incluso si usted es el único miembro de una LLC, la SBA aún quiere un documento firmado para demostrar que acordó obtener un Préstamo EIDL de la SBA para su LLC.


¿Por qué el correo electrónico de la SBA dice «Según su autorización y acuerdo de préstamo»?

The SBA application for an LLC Certificate should come as no surprise to business owners who approved and signed the SBA EIDL Contract and Loan Agreement.

On page 7 of your Covid-19 EIDL Loan Agreement and Agreement, there is a section called “BOARD OF DIRECTORS RESOLUTION”. This section of their EIDL Loan agreement reads: «The Borrower shall, within 180 days of receiving any disbursement of this Loan, present the appropriate SBA LLC Certificate or a Corporate Resolution from the Board of Directors.»

The LLC Certificate is the document used for LLCs and the Corporate Resolution of the Board of Directors is the document used for Corporations. Therefore, if you have an LLC that obtained an EIDL Loan from the SBA, the SBA agent will request an LLC Certificate from your LLC. If the legal structure of your business is a corporation, the SBA agent will request a corporate resolution from the board of directors. Both documents are very similar and follow the same structure, only they have different names.


How to make an LLC certificate for an SBA EIDL loan?

As mentioned above, you do not have to hire an attorney to complete an LLC Certificate for the SBA EIDL Loan. You can complete the LLC Certificate in any word processor you have on your computer. You can download a template of an LLC certificate for an EIDL loan from the SBA below.

Our template included in this blog is a very simple LLC Certificate. We have used it for many of our accounting clients who obtained EIDL loans and the SBA has accepted it.

You can use our simple template, or you can also use a more elaborate template that is available on the SBA website. You can view the SBA LLC certificate template through the following link … CLICK HERE .

You can watch a video tutorial on how to prepare an LLC Certificate for an SBA EIDL Loan through the following link … https://youtu.be/XVEG1xfC67A.

Model LLC Certificate for an SBA Covid-19 EIDL Loan

You can download the template for our simple LLC Certificate for the SBA EIDL Loan via the link below:


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