FTAX Blog Many young people come to our office asking a CPA Orlando about career planning.  Are you tired of trying to make ends meet with your meager pay? Have you reached the point where you want or need a career change? Do you want a career that leaves you with a feeling of fulfillment? If yes, become a CPA Orlando. If you love playing with numbers and organizing books, becoming a CPA Orlando will prove to be one of the most rewarding decisions of your life

By becoming a CPA Orlando, you will not only open up several doors that lead to career advancements, you will easily be the first choice for a variety of business owners. While there are countless accountants out there who are successfully moving ahead on their career paths, as a CPA Orlando you will not only widen your horizons, you will be the ultimate choice for accounting or auditing jobs as well.

How Can You Get A CPA License?

If you are wondering about how you can obtain this certification, you have to complete certain number of credit hours studying accountancy or business. However, there is more to it than acquiring relevant education. First and foremost, you have to pass the CPA Orlando exam.

CPA Orlando exam is essentially a test that every aspiring Certified Public Accountant has to pass to claim a license. These tests or exams are scheduled at a certain time. The dates are announced ahead of time. Exams are scheduled according to your location so that the students have enough time to prepare before taking it.

Secondly, you need to provide evidence of at least a year of experience working as an accountant. A year of working experience in an accounting department or firm is crucial in getting a CPA Orlando license.

The Ethics Exam

Apart from the CPA Orlando exam requirements listed above, there is one more hurdle that you have to overcome before you can start working as a CPA Orlando. It is the CPA Orlando Ethics exam we are talking about. However, this requirement is only limited to certain locations and states so make sure you find out if it is a qualification for a state you intend to take the exam in.

One benefit associated with the ethics exam is that it can be taken online. It won’t stop you from operating as an accountant and you can take the exam within a year of passing your CPA Orlando exam.

Online Support for CPA Exam

There may be times when you are unable to attend regular classes due to professional commitments. In such circumstances, you can easily get that much-needed support online.

There are online centers that help you with the preparation of the CPA Orlando exams. Furthermore, there are also websites that educate you on the requirements of different locations or states to practice accountancy. You can seek guidance from other CPAs on chat rooms and forums where they offer valuable information over the internet.

So, regardless of when you decide to become a CPA Orlando, you can always breathe life into your dreams, no matter what the circumstances are.

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