Are you a student doing taxes this year? Is this your first time? We have some great advice for you. Act on it, you will always be paying the least possible amounts in taxes. Yes, we know the process is confusing and there is so much to take care of. Do not worry; you can get all of it done. People do it every year, and everyone does have their first time. They all make it through and so will you.

Hire a reputed CPA Lake Nona, FL

This is the greatest solution to all your problems. Hire a qualified CPA Lake Nona, FL, and they will take care of the rest. They will help you in filing out the forms and making sure that you are paying the least possible amounts in taxes.

Oh, so this is not in your budget? No problem, you can always have a consulting session with them and seek their advice. Should this be the case, they will not fill forms, but they can still inform you of your deductions and solve your concerns.

E-file you forms

You can either submit your return electronically or fill up the paper based form, and mail that to the IRS. We suggest that you should go with the former options, and the reasons for this are simple enough. Reduced errors, less complications and shorter time to fill out the form.

There are many tax software available which lets you do this. Choose any one of them as long as it is reputed.

Make sure you are not a dependant

Are your parents still claiming you as a dependant? This will be if they are providing for more than 500% of your finances. In this case, you are not eligible for any tax exemptions. There are so many students who are not aware of this, which leads to mistakes in their taxes.

We suggest that you discuss this with your parents and file taxes only if they are not claiming you as dependant. Should you not do this, you may have to pay a far greater amount in taxes than you anticipated.

Take advantage of tax assistance programs

There are so many colleges where free tax assistance centers are set up. Qualified tax professionals guide and advise students, and help them in doing they taxes. The best part? You will not have to pay any fees for this. See if your college has any of these programs and if so, do make sure you sign up for one. This will greatly simplify things for you.

Start your taxes early

The 15th of April may be ages away, but the quicker you get done with your taxes, the better it will be. Start sorting your documents and other paperwork in January, and get done with your return in February. During all this time, if you face any problems, you will have enough time to take care of it. Should you delay things until the very end, you will probably miss the deadline.

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