CPA in Poinciana have a hard task of clearing up the misconceptions that have made home in people’s minds regarding the CPA profession. A CPA better known as a Certified Public Accountant is someone who is usually responsible for looking after a company’s financial activities. Poinciana CPA can have different career paths as well as many companies may hire qualified CPAs as their CEOs and CFOs. Here we look at a few misconceptions that have developed over time regarding the CPA profession and its personal and we try to dispel such rumors.

·         Poinciana CPA’s are facing Job shortages

In the current state of the economy it will be a miracle if some employment industry isn’t facing difficulty. Despite that, the accountancy profession continues to go strong. Over 90% CPA’s are able to find a job despite the current economic downturn.

In fact, government agencies have outlined that during the 2010 and 2020 decade the number of jobs in this market is set to increase by over 15% which means the future of CPA’s in Poinciana is much brighter than the people who have other professions. Another important thing to note is that most large companies have to replace the experienced CPA’s that are coming towards retirement increasing the job scope even further.

·         A CPA in Poinciana is confined to a small company

This is a common belief among the people that the CPA’s in Poinciana tend to only be able to work for small practices and small companies. This is definitely not the case CPA’s in Poinciana go on to work for the large accountancy firms in the US and oversees. Poinciana CPA are also able to work in ACCA and ACA practices which opens a whole new playing ground for the CPA professionals.

·         Accountancy firms are the only Place of work for CPAs

People believe that CPA’s in Poinciana and other parts of the US only tend to work in accountancy firms. Yes CPA associations regulate accountancy firms. Yes there is large number of CPAs that do work in accountancy firms, but what important to note here is that that’s not the only place they work in.

A good qualified CPA is the core of a good business. Businesses and industries need CPA’s to pull the financial strings of the company and keep the company on the safe path in terms of finances. The role of CPA isn’t simply restricted to accountancy; they can be given the roles of advisors and made a part of the executive control of the company.

·         They work in the Past

People increasingly believe that CPA’s only work in the past or with things that are related to the past. Yes the CPA’s in Poinciana and other places do keep tabs of past finances and they do file tax returns but this isn’t the only thing they do. A CPA is always involved in the planning for the future regarding the business and more importantly its financial direction. CPA’s tend to be involved in creating strategic plans for the business as well as cash flow forecasts for the future.

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