FTAX Blog There are countless CPAs in Lake Nona Fl who can assist you with your financial problems. They can handle taxes, predict future problems and profits, Advice you on the current and future plans, tax planning, retirement funds, accounting systems, and make suggestions about improving the overall finances of the company. Lake Nona, FL CPAs are more valuable and trustworthy than an accountant. However, not every CPA can be the right one for you. Read on to find out how to determine whether a CPA is right for you or not.

60% Rule

Search for a CPA who has done and is currently working for 60% of businesses that are similar to yours. This will portray his comfort level and expertise in your business. A CPA in Lake Nona Fl who working for clients with almost same business as you will already know the basic concepts and will have experience of dealing with common problems. This will save you time and money.

Conduct Interviews

Make sure you meet the CPA in Lake Nona, FL you are about to hire. Talk to them and discuss certain basic things to get an idea about their expertise. You will also get to know if you are comfortable talking to your chosen CPA. There are many accountants and CPAs who are experts in their fields but fail to make the clients understand in plain language all the financial issues and suggestions. This is very significant that you understand what your CPA in Lake Nona, FL is saying.

Record Keeping Skills

Ask them how they do record keeping. Do they prefer to do it manually, or do they use software? Which software do they use? Is it effective and accurate enough? Will they back up all the data? This is very important as you have to make sure you everything suits your needs and requirements.

Show them Your Records in the Interview

Bring your previous year’s records for them to look at. See how well they analyze the data and what they predict. This way the CPA in Lake Nona, FL will also be able to tell you how much he will charge for the services as he will get a rough idea about what he will be dealing with.

Individual vs. Corporate

You must decide whether you want to hire an individual CPA in Lake Nona Fl or hire a corporation that will assign you a CPA for your tasks. If you are opting for a corporation, find out whether you will be assigned one CPA or a team of CPAs. Meet them to ensure you are comfortable with them. It is significant to build a friendly relation with your accountant or CPA so that he will be able to make you understand properly regarding all your finances.

Working Hours

Ask about their working hours and make sure their working hours are fine with you so that you can conveniently call them up in case of any problem.

Final Decision

Before making the final decision, ensure the CPA in Lake Nona, FL you are about to hire will be able to fulfill all your tasks properly. It is best not to rush in to this decision. If you have any doubts, clear them first instead of just hiring the CPA. Remember it is going to have a major impact on your business, so choice wisely.

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