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This is a new reporting requirement for eBay and other online marketplaces.

Even before the news broke about the new reporting threshold, sellers who reached the 200 transactions and $20,000 threshold would receive a 1099-K.

In 2023, eBay will be required to send a 1099-K to any of its sellers who have reached the minimum gross sales amount of $600. This 1099-K document will report any income from sales made through eBay and is an important step in ensuring that all taxes are paid properly. The 1099-K form is common in the online retail industry and it is important for eBay sellers to understand the requirements associated with it. As such, eBay has provided information on its website about how to complete and submit the form correctly. It also provides resources for sellers who need assistance understanding the process or filing their taxes correctly. By following these guidelines, sellers can ensure they are meeting their obligations in regard to reporting their income from sales on eBay.



All the payments reported on my Form 1099-K must be included in my taxable income.

The money you received through a Form 1099-K must be declared as part of your taxable earnings.

If you recently received a Form 1099-K from eBay, you must declare it as part of your taxable earnings. However, you should use this document as a reference for your tax return and compare it with your own records. Make sure that the information it contains matches up with your own records. The 1099-K includes all of the payments that you received through eBay during the tax year, but should be used to double-check that you haven’t missed any income or deductions. It’s also important to note if this form only contains payments made through third parties such as PayPal or eBay, and not those made directly from buyers. By making sure that everything is correct on your 1099-K, you can ensure that your tax return is accurate and complete. If in doubt, we higly recommend contacting a knowledgable tax advisor to avoid issues when filing.



I’m just a part-time vendor, not a company, so this shouldn’t have an impact on me.

Any money you make is taxable income, regardless of whether you are a recreational seller or own a business.

As a part-time vendor, you may not think that this will have an impact on you, but it is important to remember that any money made is taxable income. This means that even if you are just selling items as a hobby or recreational activity, the money you make must be reported and taxes paid on it. It is important to keep accurate records of all sales and purchases in order to ensure that you are compliant with the law. Additionally, depending on the amount of money you make from your sales, you may need to register as a business and pay additional taxes. It is important to understand the rules and regulations surrounding your activities so that you can remain compliant with them.

If your pastime is rummaging through second-hand furniture and occasionally selling them for a gain, say last year you acquired a pre-owned piece of furniture for $100, refurbished it, and then put it up on eBay where it sold for $700. This gave you a profit of $600. Unlike a business, hobbyists are not able to subtract the expenses incurred prior to the sale (like the cost of restoring the furniture).



I will be obligated to pay taxes on all products I put up for sale, even if it results in a deficit.

Only commodities that are sold with a gain create tax revenue, so you won’t have any taxes due on something you offer for less than what you acquired it for. Vendors should make sure to document all deals properly.

Say you acquired a fresh bicycle for $1,000 last year and then put it up for sale on eBay for $700. Since you sold it at a disadvantage, you would not be obligated to pay income tax on the $700.

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