Yes, ITIN numbers are for those citizens of the United States who do not qualify for an SSN number.

How do I get ITIN Number without SSN?

There are two reasons why you may not be eligible for an SSN number; perhaps you are underage. Those individuals who are under 18 are not eligible for an SSN number. The second reason is your legal status in the United States. If you are an illegal immigrant, you may not qualify for SSN numbers. If so, you can apply to get ITIN number.

Do I need to get ITIN Number?

Yes, it is important to get ITIN number as it the law. Each and every individual must follow the law; this includes applying to get ITIN number. Individuals get ITIN number for tax purposes.

How can I get ITIN Number?

In order to get ITIN number you must fill out the W-7 form. The form can be found at the official website of the IRS, or it can also be found online on other various websites. All you need to do is download it, print it and mail it to the IRS.

Things to be Cautious about

Beware of scams, they are all over the internet and the hackers behind them are just waiting to get their hands on your personal information. Remember that the W-7 form, the form used to get ITIN number will never ask you for your personal information, such as your PIN number. If a W-7 form is asking for such information, it is a scam; do not proceed and inform the authorities immediately.

Secondly, The ITIN W-7 form cannot be submitted online. If you find a W-7 form which is asking you to submit your documents and information online, it is probably just another scam. You should be very cautious when you apply to get ITIN number.

You can get ITIN number easily without being scammed by finding the genuine W-7 form on the official IRS website. It is best if the form is downloaded from the IRS website but you need to still remain vigilant. There have been cases in which people that want to get ITIN number were duped in divulging their personal information by fake IRS websites

You may then send your W-7 form along with all documents to the IRS headquarters to get ITIN number.

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