Did you know that you can get ITIN number for yourself and your dependants? Here’s how:

How to get ITIN Number for Dependants?

It is really easy to get ITIN number; all you have to do is apply through the W-7 form. If you are a dependant, or if you want to know about how dependants can get ITIN number, you must apply through an individual who is earning for the family. Let us assume you are a dependant, (either a senior or underage), you can apply through your child or parents. When your child or your parents fill the W-7 form, the form gives them the option of listing you under dependants. In simple words dependants can get ITIN number through the same form.

Why should a Dependant get ITIN number?

ITIN numbers make you eligible for tax returns. Let us assume the government owes you tax returns; until you have eligible. Children and seniors have their own laws as well such as there are such things called child tax, in order to be meeting the required criteria and the law, it is best if an individual lists dependants under them in the W-7 form.

Procedure to get ITIN Number

The first step is to search for the W-7 from online. The form may be found on many websites, including the official website of the IRS. Once the individual has found the form, they should save it and get it printed. When the form has been printed, the individual who is willing to get ITIN number should fill it with complete information. The form also requires some identification documentation which should also be provided along with the form when it is being sent to the IRS for further processing.

Once all documents are ready the individual can submit the form and documents to the IRS by mail to get ITIN number. If the individual is unsure if they can trust their documents going via mail, they can plan a small visit to the IRS headquarters themselves, if they cannot make this trip, they can always visit a nearby TAC to get ITIN number. The IRS official website has their complete address, along with the locations of their TACs.

Remember that the W-7 form cannot be submitted from the internet to get ITIN number. The W-7 form can only be delivered to the IRS headquarters in Austin in physical form. Submitting the W-7 form and your documents over the internet can be very dangerous as your personal information can be hacked while you get ITIN number.

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