Children can apply as dependants to get ITIN number. They can apply through the same form as their parent, as dependants.

Can dependants get ITIN Numbers?

Dependants are those individuals who are not working, seniors, or children under the age of 18. These certain individuals can get ITIN number through their parent’s W-7 ITIN application form. When their parents apply through the W-7 form to get ITIN number for themselves, they list their children, spouse, and parents as their dependants.

Child Tax

The entire purpose to get ITIN number are taxes. Working and eligible adults have to pay taxes and also pay a child tax. ITIN helps an individual get their tax returns from the government and show to the government that the individual is following the law by paying them. The same goes for child tax; in order to receive tax returns, or in order to prove tax payments, ITIN is really important.

How can Parents get ITIN Number?

Parents of the children, or dependants, can apply to get ITIN number through the W-7 form. The form can be found on the internet, or they can visit the official IRS website to find the authentic W-7 form. They can then save and print the W-7 form. After they have done that, they have to fill and submit the form with the required documents. The parent must attach documents along the form which can be used as identification proof. This includes passport copy, visa copy, school records, dental records, or foreign documents which can prove the identity of the parent filing to get ITIN number.

Can an adopted child get ITIN number?

Yes, an adopted child can be listed as a dependant of the parents or parent applying for an ITIN as well. You will have to submit documents along with the form to show that the child is under your respective custody and is now legally living with you at your residence. Papers provided by the court can be used as proof of guardianship.

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