FTAX Blog As people are constantly on the lookout for tax relief methods, they can easily allow themselves to become a prey of tax scams and frauds. In order to prevent this from happening and end up losing your money, keep these following points in mind the next time you plan to opt for tax service in Hunters Creek, FL.


Among the many types of tax scams, ‘phishing’ is the most popular. This scam is related to email marketing that is unsolicited, which directs the user to a phony website. The email directs to a website, which is a replica of an official one that creates confusion in the users’ mind and convinces them to enter their personal information. These swindles are usually seen when the taxpaying season is around the corner.

The websites may be of tax preparation for returns or of e-filing, enabling the user to unwittingly add their personal information like credit card number, bank account information, etc. In order to prevent from becoming a victim of this particular tax scam, keep in mind that IRS never contacts taxpayers through email and asks them for their personal information. IRS usually chooses means that are more reliable to contact taxpayers such as text messages, phone and other ways of communications.

If you ever receive such emails, then be sure to report the fraudulent actions to the IRS so that other people don’t fall victim of the malicious scheme.

Scams Saying Government is Giving Away Money

Another scam is becoming common these days which is based on the concept that IRS is giving money away or money that is supposedly owed to you through social security. These notifications are commonly seen in the form of flyers and target low-income communities are mostly, where people are living by hand to mouth and are in desperate need of money.

The easy targets are usually old people who easily believe in such felony and think that the government is offering or returning money for some reason. This scam is based on creating false hopes in desperate people by making absurd claims that governments owes them money and is now giving it away. These scams also quote bogus promises regarding social security, which is, of course, does not exist.

Justifying False Benefits of Tax Relief

Some counterfeit providers of tax service in Hunters Creek, FL offer unrealistic tax relieving benefits and trick the taxpayer to include falsified information. If a taxpayer submits his or her returns with any falsified information and thinks that he or she will get some relief, then the answer is a big NO. On the other hand, if someone does this kind of act, he or she will be charged with a hefty penalty of $5000.

When preparing for the upcoming tax season, make sure that you work with a reliable and well-qualified tax service in Hunters Creek, FL and avoid taking any ‘shortcuts’ which might end up doing more damage than good. Just keep in mind that many forms of advertising claiming tax reliefs are mostly run by tax scam artists who victimize by leading to conclusions that are too good to be true.

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