FTAX Blog Individual clients are turning towards a CPA in Kissimmee in both industrial and public practice as trustees. The former’s lack of experience, inadequate staff and infrastructure, and unfamiliarity with the respective billing procedures, is the reason why these professionals are so high in demand.

When an individual trust is established, the grantor has to hand over certain rights by design or by death. The trust protector benefits with the specific authority and duties that are stated in the contract/trust document. Why then do individuals still consider an independent protector when this move clearly permits them to be prejudiced in exercising personal or fiduciary powers?

Kissimmee CPA as Trust Protectors

Some people place their assets in trust in the hope that their receivers do not have to face the expense, delay, and the consequential stress of probate later. A CPA in Kissimmee generally enjoys their client’s confidence in their skills, their awareness of the family dynamics of the respective family, and, especially, their tax background. With the unpredictable tax and law policies, this makes them suitably qualified for the role.

With the aim of helping their clients be flexible and have extra supervision with their trusts, a CPA in Kissimmee is likely to agree to be the third party trust protector given that their clients already do have a professional trustee that many of them consider a time-consuming responsibility.

Their role lets them command the trust’s legal home (situs) of administration. This way they have the power to determine the state whose laws are going to apply in its administration. Often the estate planning attorneys intervene to suggest that the trust needs to have a situs in a different state than the home state of the trustee.

Secondly, while the trust protector can be the tiebreaker between co-trustees, they can also chose to remove and replace one if they believe the other has not been managing their tasks up to the standard as dictated by the investment policy statement (IPS) of the trust. Plus, elaborating on this function further, they are also expected to dissolve any disputes between the trustee and beneficiaries in order to reduce the litigation costs that the trust might have to face otherwise.

Third, they are allowed to amend, redirect, or veto administrative provisions, investment decisions, and the terms of the trust. This is, of course, is based on external and unanticipated events like changes in law or if a beneficiary is involved in credit action or a divorce. Considering the extreme on this continuum – if continuing it might not be in the best interest of the beneficiaries or it cannot meet the ongoing costs of administration – the protector is capable to end the trust.

They can also collaborate with the trustee to sue and defend any lawsuits against the assets of the trust to save them for all classes of heirs.

From potential legal liabilities to uncertain timing and fee structure, there are different risks that a CPA in Kissimmee would have to manage. Hiring a CPA in Kissimmee as a trust protector would mean you have additional protection from a person who has no interest in your property and who knows your long-term personal and financial goals.

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