Freedomtax Accounting has been offering honest tax services in Orlando, FL and we know that you may have been delaying your taxes since the last few years and now want to get them paid, done and over with in the easiest possible of ways? Just follow the back taxes help guide mentioned below, and you will quickly have your tax return filed.

Back Taxes Help Tip 1 – Collect Your Tax Related Documents

The first step is to collect all your tax related documents in one place. Try to remember the last time you filed your tax and search for that return copy. Also make sure that you have other tax related documents like W-2s. Just in case you are missing on some files, you can obtain an extra copy without having to pay any costs. Contact the Internal Revenue Service for this.

Back Taxes Help Tip 2 – Prepare The Tax Returns

You can either prepare the returns yourself or take help from a Kissimmee tax accountant in Orlando, FL. If you opt for the former option, then make sure you are using a simple and reliable program for this. It would approximately take you around two to three hours. If you go for the latter option, you would not have to do much, and the Kissimmee accountant in Orlando, FL would do most of the work if you agree to pay the charges.

Back Taxes Help Tip 3 – Protect The Tax Refunds

Most of the people who file late probably have a tax refund, and the same could be the case with you. You really should know that the time limits for audits, debt collection and refunds are very strict, and your chosen strategy must provide an estimated time for refund checks.

Back Taxes Help Tip 4 – Pay Off All Your Tax Related Debts

Before you actually start doing this, create a proper payment plan for yourself. You should also think of ways that can protect you from IRS. This is simple to do but only if you have patience. You can either choose to set up a payment plan on a monthly basis or pay off the full amount in check. Choose any plan you like, but you do not ignore the IRS.

Your Kissimmee tax accountant in Orlando, FL can provide you with a lot of help in this regard, and please do heed his advice if you want to stay out of trouble.

Back Taxes Help Tip 5 – Plan Ahead

When all your debts are paid, start planning for your future taxes in advance to avoid a repeat of similar situations. Analyze your tax situation and try to reduce them as much as possible. If you encounter any difficulties, take the help of professional Kissimmee tax services in Orlando, FL.

You need more information about tax debt relief services in Orlando, FL, please contact us at 407-344-1012. Our IRS enrolled agents and tax accountants will provide a Free Consultation of your back taxes situation. Our main office is in Kissimmee, FL, but our tax services are provided to Central Florida, Orlando, Poinciana, St. Cloud, and Hunters Creek, FL. Freedomtax Accounting is a full service accounting and tax firm that specializes in small business accounting, bookkeeping, tax preparation, tax debt relief, irs audit defense, tax planning, incorporations, and non-profit 501 (C3) tax exempt status applications.

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