As accountant for dentist in Orlando we know that deductions are a vital part of taxes. All tax payers try to use as many of these as possible so that they can deduct their taxable income and pay lowers amounts to the IRS. As a dentist, even you are allowed to a number of deductions. Are you aware of these? Hire an accountant for dentist Orlando, and they will guide you more about these. We will also go through some of the major ones, but before we do, there are some things which you should know.

Being a dentist does not mean that you cannot avail all standard deductions which all other tax payers take advantage of. For instance, if you are a homeowner and have yet to pay off the mortgage loan, you can deduct your interest amount and the IRS will have no issues with it. Similarly, if you are contributing to a retirement fund, then also you are allowed to deduct the contributions which you make. Got someone who depends on you for all financial support? Use this as a deduction as well, but always consult your accountant for dentist in Orlando first.

And in addition to all of the above, the IRS offers additional deductions, which only dentists can avail. We will quickly go over the main ones of these, and your chosen accountant for dentist Orlando will guide you more.

Accountant for Dentist Orlando Tax Tip 1: Equipment

Is there any major equipment which you want to purchase this year? May be you a need a new chair or what about buying an advanced X-ray machine? Some of you may even be looking around for some new computers or a new accounting system. Make all these expenses and when you do, gladly utilize them as decisions, and you will be paying a much lower amount to the IRS.

Please note, and your accountant for dentist in Orlando show tell you that this deduction has a maximum limit of $500,000. If you cross this limit, will you still be able to deduct the expenses? Yes, the only difference is that they will impact your taxes for the next year, and you will have to use the deprecated value for this. So spend on your equipment and pay a much lower bill to the IRS.

Accountant for Dentist Orlando Tax Tip 2: Education

Want to improve your skills? How about obtaining new certification or signing up for a new course? Perfect, improve your skills and lower your taxes at the same time. Even if you are attending a seminar, then all you can deduct all costs involved. In fact, the IRS is really lenient in this regard. They not only allow you to deduct the fee, but also all the costs incurred in travelling, supplies and even accommodation if you are going out of town.

Accountant for Dentist Orlando Tax Tip 3: Employees

We are sure you must have a team to help you out at your dental office. The bigger this team, the more tax advantage you can get. How so? You are allowed to deduct all amounts you pay to them.

So avail the above tax deductions this year, and pay a significantly lower amount to the IRS.

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