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When you require an Kissimmee notary public, we are the only service that you should get in touch with in Florida. We can not only provide you with reliable and quality notary public services but ensure supreme quality and high customer satisfaction. You can use our Kissimmee notary public services for purpose of witness documentation, which is the primary use for notary services in general.

We make sure that our notary public services in Orlando are available for both business and individual needs; because we understand that anyone may require such services. We also provide a free one-on-one consultation, due to the fact that notary public services can at times become quite complicated. This is done so that you are able to fully understand and grasp the important matters that are at hand. The Orlando notary public services that provide to all of our customers include:

  • Buying or selling property abroad
  • Certifying copies of documents like examination certifications
  • Transferring property
  • Assigning domain names, trademarks or patents
  • Getting your contracts authenticated by a notary
  • Confirming your single status before applying for marriage abroad
  • Swearing an oath or making a statutory declaration or affidavit
  • Setting up a power of attorney for use abroad
  • Obtaining duplicate documents for other important documents or lost passports
  • Getting a commercial translation certified by a notary
  • Handling documentation that will be used abroad and requires a notary stamp


A notary public in Kissimmee is generally working in a local register office and will handle all the notarisation of the authentication of curriculum vitae, copies of certificates, and signatures. They will also be able to handle other things such as protest of bill of exchange, the monitoring of lotteries and also the opening and closing of safe-deposit boxes as well.

The duties of a Orlando notary public generally include the notarisation of the authenticity of a signature, as the signature will need to be witnessed by the notary public. You will be required to carry proper identification with you, while the notary public also has the authority to notarise the authenticity of any copies of documents. You will have to bring the original documents along with you to the local register office. Some of the other tasks that a notary public must administer include the following:

  • They have to oversee lotteries
  • They have to act as a witness that is present at the opening or closing of a depository
  • They will have to certify whether an individual or official has carried out an official act, that they are in an official position, or that someone is legally incompetent to represent someone else.
  • They will take on record all the explanations of financial and juridical relations, and provide third parties with copies of the minutes, unless the general rules in relation to the publication of documents indicate otherwise.

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