Tax Deductions

The Best Tax Tips for Realtors

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Real estate agents and brokers are considered self-employed. They receive income as commissions when a sales transaction is made. They are not considered employees under the federal tax guidelines, but are taken as sole proprietors. The status of a real estate agent remains the same even if they are working for a real estate brokerage firm as a broker or agent. The self-employed status of real estate brokers and agents …

Robert AcevedoThe Best Tax Tips for Realtors
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How Much Will I Get Back In Taxes

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One of the most common questions that pop into the minds of individuals, after filing their taxes is how much will I get back in taxes. However, it is inherent that you should understand what tax refund really is. Tax refund is the amount of return on the total amount of taxes that an individual/entities pay to state, when their liabilities are less than the amount of tax that they …

Robert AcevedoHow Much Will I Get Back In Taxes
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What Should I Claim On My Taxes

The first thing that comes to an average person’s mind when they file their tax returns is “what should I claim on my taxes”. Deductions and tax credits are an important part of your tax return savings that can be claimed. It is important to note that using either of these can ensure that you get a lower tax bill than usual.

While paying tax may be a service to …

Robert AcevedoWhat Should I Claim On My Taxes
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10 End of Year Tax Tips to Increase Your Tax Refund

Before people know it, tax season will be upon them. They will find themselves engrossed in paperwork, trying to figure out how much they owe to the Internal Revenue Service (IRS). Most importantly, they occupy themselves in finding out how much money they will get back in their tax refund.
People who faced disappointment last year because they paid higher taxes, and received a minimal tax refund, should work towards …

Robert Acevedo10 End of Year Tax Tips to Increase Your Tax Refund
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Tax Preparation Kissimmee – Getting The Highest Tax Refund

Here are some of the things that you can do to get the biggest tax refund, when you are in the middle of your tax preparation Kissimmee.

Kissimmee Tax Preparation Tip 1: Increase the Withholding

If you are employed for a company fulltime, you need to fill out a W4 form. Remember that the more exemptions you claim the lesser the amount is withheld for tax purposes. Tell your …

Robert AcevedoTax Preparation Kissimmee – Getting The Highest Tax Refund
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